British Council Connecting Classrooms (BCCC) is a global programme that creates partnerships between clusters of schools in the UK and others around the world. These partnerships bring an international dimension to young people’s learning, to improve their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepare them for life and work as global citizens. It offers collaborative projects for learners, professional development for teachers, school leaders and local authority coordinators, and eligibility for school accreditation.


Me & My Net Competition

If you are under 18 years old and are from (or living in) a Commonwealth country you could win some fantastic prizes by entering the Me and My Net Competition.

Here’s what to do…

A) Get Writing!

Imagine that you have a cousin who lives in a town where malaria is common.

Although she has been given a mosquito net to protect her from the disease, she doesn’t always use it.

What do you think of her decision?  Write her a letter to share your views.

B) Get Photographing!  Get Drawing!

Take a photograph – or draw a picture – of you or a friend with a mosquito net.

Tell us a little about the picture and the net in it.

C) Get Creative!

Think of a way to teach other young people the importance of using a mosquito net to prevent malaria.
You could:

  • Make an eye-catching poster
  • Create a memorable radio or TV advert
  • Describe your own idea for an advertising campaign

You can submit your entry by email, post or online.  Find out how here.

You can enter each of the categories once.  For full details of the rules, please look at this page.

Entries must be received on or before 30 September 2011.

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